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40-Second/25-Second Play Clock

Details for using the 40-second and 25-second play clocks can be found on the CFOA website's 40 second play clock page.  Please be sure to review the details to know when to properly use which play clock.

Be sure when talking with the clock operator to stress the importance of watching for the "silent wind" after plays where a first down is awarded to A in bounds.  There are exceptions to this (such as after a legal kick or after a foul administration), but the clock operator should be ready to watch for such winds without there being a whistle.

Drone Policy

The use of drones, also known as unmanned aerial vehicles, is prohibited for any purpose by any persons at all CHSAA‚Äźsanctioned events. This policy includes not only the restricted playing area of the venue(s), but also the physical confines of the entire stadium/field/arena structure. For the purposes of this policy, a drone is any aircraft without a human pilot on board.

If a drone is spotted over the field, please refer it to game management. If there is a safety issue, the game should be halted until the drone departs.

Mercy Rule

Per the CHSAA Early Season Football guide.

In Classes A8, 1A, 2A, 3A, 4A and 5A and at all levels (all conference and non-conference games), when a 40-point differential exists at any time during the game a running clock shall be used for the remainder of the game regardless of whether the score drops back below the mercy rule differential. (In A6, the margin is 45 points). See the following procedures below: 

The clock will not be stopped when: 

  1. The ball goes out-of-bounds. 
  2. A forward pass is incomplete. 
  3. A score or touchback occurs. 
  4. A fair catch is made or awarded. 

The clock will be stopped when:

  1. The period ends. 
  2. Charged or injury time out. 

The mercy rule will not be used in any live televised championship games.

Physical Standards Test

To be eligible to work Varsity football, an official must be in reasonable physically fit shape.  The test for this will be similar to the past few years:

A Beanbag is placed at the 10 yard line and the 50 yard line.  The official begins at the goal, and must:

  • run to the 10 and pick up the bean bag
  • run to the goal and drop the beanbag 
  • run to the 50 and pick up the second bag
  • run back across the goal

To pass the test, this must all be done within 40 seconds. Failing the test will cause the official to be put on probation.  Failing two years in a row will cause the official to lose Varsity eligibility.

In 2016, this test must be completed no later than August 24.  Opportunities will be given to do this at the Master Clinic on July 30 as well as at the Field Meeting on Aug 17.

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